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why the hell not?

Sometimes i wonder why i even bother. What's the point of making webpages? i suppose it's a way of expressing myself through html. i think the way a page is made is a reflection of ones self. And how he or she acts in "the real world." For me,it's now more of a hobby than a way to pass time. The day when i think updating my page is more of a chore than a simple way of enjoyment is when i'll stop making them. i like the fact that i'm able to make a page unique unlike those pathetic excuse of a webpage using those shitty webpage builders. i hate it when people i know brag about how they have a webpage on the net when their's and their friends have the same damn design and host name. i don't know, i suppose it's not that big of a deal but it's just a pet peeve of mine. hehe..oooo..

Anyways, back to the topic. i think why i put on fanart of mine, or just original shit is because i like support. There's nothing wrong with that, right? When people give compliments it's such a good feeling. i mean, i feel like i want to draw more and do better. Wow, i think these discussions in language class are actually getting to me. Also, it's cool to get ideas from peeps like u who came across my page..suggestions, critism, whatever. i guess that's why i put drawings on my pages too. To get informed by maybe "more experianced" artists on how to draw. That would be appreciated, but just don't overdo it. We all have our limits.