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my rantings

kay, this is not necessarily about bitchin or anything. just to type what i have on my mind and everything. well have fun and read till your heart's content.

august 2/2k 2:49 PM

so i came back from Waterton a couple days ago with Jael. her fam invited me to go on holidays with them for a week so that's what i did. pretty nice of them too^-^. i had fun there, we met a nice american guy from montana and hung around with him for most of the time (yes, that's you Lee) while burning in the sun. ahh.. i finally got a good tan. eek, i used to be pretty white (compared to jael) but now i have to tan my white ass. heh heh. mmm..Waterton is a nice little mountain town, it's over in the bottom corner of Alberta. yes, very nice. if anyone has been to Jasper, it sort of looks like that but it's hella better cause it's not so touristy. tourists suck. however, i missed my home a bit and peeps more. heh heh, i have to go camping more often, i'm turning into more of a city girl! ack!

june 29/2k 12:26 AM

the catcher in the rye ah, i would seriously recommend you guys to read this book. Yup, The Catcher in the Rye. awesome book. i luv it cause it makes so much sense and it makes you think about shit..yeah most books make u do that..however, this is the best of all of them. it's quite a disturbing and unique book and an author to go with it. J.D Salinger..woah, if you ever have time, research about him. holy shit, there's some pretty crazay stuff this guy has about himself and some pretty weird stories to go along with this certain book. to tell you the truth, i really don't read. i like to, if it's a good book but i just don't. so trust me, this is good.

june 18/2k 07:07 P.M

well grad is finally over. grade 9 graduate of 2000, yay! hehe..well, it was lots of fun..wish i had it again! Joel was nice enough to come with me..hehe..oo..i got flowers and jewelery. ^_^ Joel's soo sweet. it's pretty funny, my parents got me diddly-sqat when my boyfriend and his parents did. lol. and i actually got stuff from my grandparents. yippe. i actually got honours in school too..damn right, i worked my ass off in the past..well..3 months. let's just say, i decided to work ^-^;; hmm..what else? i went to Jael's place after the dance/ceremony and got to play with the wooden dick again. (don't ask) that was pretty fun. well, anyways, i think imay re-vamp some more of the site, so chow

may 17/2k 10:13 P.M

well it seems i'm becoming more hectic by the hour. so much shit is happening for this month and the next that i'm going insane. i have final exams, PATs, my farewell (grade nine), soccer, spending time with joel, friendz.. hell, will it ever end??? can't wait for all of this to be over..well not my farewell, that's gonna be sooo much fun, heh, i'm giddy.

may 12/2k 4:28 P.M

hell, i didn't post for awhile. well i am truly amazed. I GOT THE HOCKEYSTICK! i didn't actually thnk that cranston would give it to me. yup, so me and kate got one. stupid ass castle took it away though...maybe playing hockey in the hallway is a bad idea. anyways, today was a pretty awesome day. we had IA for the whole morning *grinz* that was cool. i guess cranston wants a clock..i should probably make him one now. damn.heh. well i'm going to a graduation soon, l8r y'all.

april 26/2k 4:36 P.M

well not much to say about today. my stupid clock will never be finished in IA class cause cranston won't give me the battery pack, ah well. he wants a clock for a hockey stick..heh, dream on teach. i have my first soccer game of the season tonight..we never even had a practice yet! geeze. ah well, wish me luck!

april 10/2k 4:06 P.M

okay, people with mac computers have serious problems. i hate macs. i was forced to use on today in school..oy, until jael and i asked to go to the Dell lab..heh heh. i mean, they just sux, graphics to desktop, it all sucks ass. i hate the desktop, there is no point in using macs because people don't use them in their damn offices and teachers get all "snobby" when u ask how to use them because you should apparently know how. Uh-huh, yeah right. :P it doesn't support anything and it's crappy colouring of everything. and don't even bother trying to buy programs for it becaue it probably won't meet the minimum requirements. in closing, i think i'll stick to my dell 600..ahh

april 7/2k 12:00 A.M

Well we went to a movie tonight. Never see The Talented Mr. Ripley. it's the stupidist movie ever! hehe. i mean this a gay guy killing all these people. Damn it was crappy. I like making friends happy..yah^_^

april 6/2k 10:06 P.M

Tonight i learned that life isn't fair. Like i didn't know that already. It was just more obvious tonight. Sometimes i wonder what the point is of love. Maybe the Jehova religion has a good idea. Maybe it's best to date at an older age. Makes sense. I wonder what the point of it is. Being with someone and comitting yourself to him takes a lot of work to do. Sure it's worth it at times what what's the point of it all? Why do I go through with it? It could be human instinct. We're just born with the natural ability to want to be with the opposite sex.
I suppose i learn alot from guys. Maybe that's why. To get to know a guy and be familiar with him, to get a long and understand yuor husband? Yeah i understand that people should go out, have a family and that creates happiness, right? But why am i doing this so early? Not having a family of course but being with someone. Hell, why am i even writing this. i think i may be going crazy.
Maybe i should just shut my trap, go with society and the people around me. If you don't question anything, how could u go through life? Very boring, it would be. i suppose i learned that in studying Russia in social class. Amazing, now i know why we have to learn about social. People in the Soviet Union had no teachings about the outside world around them, only their society. They didn't know that democracy is the ideal way of life for the majority of the world. Maybe that's what i'm complaining about. i don't know any better than what the way the world is today. damnit this probably makes no sense to any of you but i had a serious craving to write what i'm feeling and keep going. But i think i'm out of ideas.
Wait, i think i might have a message to you young taken people. Look at what you're doing! heh. Why are you going out with that person? If it's just to comfort you as in something bad as happened recently..think about it! Would u want to be treated as a comforting object? Think of where you could go and be with that person in say, 10 years from now. Would you know them? Or is it some sort of phase you're in. If you know in your heart that you love them and have a good chance of staying together then i congradulate you for finding someone that is worth all your precious time and u should be thankful that u are so lucky. Life is short-- live it well.