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  • 07/06/01: okay so this site is offically dead. i don't think i'll update this too much anymore because i want to make a new site. in the meantime you can read my LiveJournal at raylene's journal thanks and look for a brand spankin new site in the future.

  • 01/24/01: alright. as you may know (refering to people who actually come to this page on a regular basis, eeps!) i am an extremely lazy person. so i'll probably shut down the forum, Squirt. however, i really plan on fixing pictures and updating this page a lil, but dont expect too much unless you guys can give me some fresh ideas cause i'm out of them. (pwease??) And i will be on reicam more often and basically be on there and adding some scribbly pathetic art that i may have. damn i am really sucking lately.

    anyways, i fixed my pictures place. woo! okay.. mail me at or icq me at 14718289 to say what you want to say. much appreciated!

    visit my site other site @ Rei' s Final Fantasy Cavern.

    this site was made 03/31/2k.

    <-----yeah, i'll fix soon.